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Sean Anderson

Illustrator, character designer

in designer, illustrator, mac, television

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Sean, I'm from Melbourne and I am an illustrator and character designer for animation. I've worked primarily in children's TV on shows like Kitty is Not a Cat and Monster Beach. When I'm not designing characters, I design props and backgrounds for animation. I've also just finished illustrating my first children's book for Melbourne-based publishers 5 Mile! I post most of my work to my IG and website!

What hardware do you use?

I've recently just treated myself to a new (well, refurbished but new to me) Cintiq 22" after going freelance. It's a big positive jump from the Cintiq 13" I was using for professional work. It's a shame that hardware plays such an important role in workflow for me but it's definitely been a smoother, more fun experience working on a bigger display. I also draw a lot on my 12.9" iPad Pro (gen 1), I got it in 2016 and it's still going strong after daily use for almost 5 years.

As for my computer, I've been using my 27" iMac since 2011 and refuse to let it die on me. After thinking its life was about to end recently, I did a factory reset and it works like new. I attribute some success to the fact that I refuse to update my OS beyond Sierra anymore over fears that my perfect balance of apps and their current update will fall out of sync (it's fine, you can call me paranoid). Its worked great so far.

When I'm not drawing digitally these days I like to use Windsor Newton & Art Spectrum Inks with Nib pens, Schmincke watercolours and Blackwing pencils.

And what software?

On my computer I only use Photoshop for drawing... I recently started paying for it and still haven't figured out how to feel about that. Depending on the job I'll occasionally use Adobe Animate... which I refuse to pay for.

On my iPad Pro I use Procreate for drawing - I've never used digital brushes that mimic real traditional media so well. I'm sure some of this comes down to the Apple Pencil nib sensitivity but I think the brush designers at Procreate are just really clever. It's such an intuitive app with nice gesture shortcuts that make a really seamless workflow. I also love the ability to go back and watch the process video it creates for you so I can see where I've made good/bad decisions.

What would be your dream setup?

Ideally, I'd have a convertible standing desk in a shared studio space with friends... walking distance from my house please. I love the 22" Cintiq that I've already got but maybe I'll splurge on a new 16" MacBook Pro just for some workspace mobility and less risk of rainbow wheel. I'd also love a big communal art table where we could all do our traditional work together. The studio MUST have proper heating and cooling and double-glazed windows... I've worked in too many places that don't and drawing with cold fingers is too hard! Add my dog in her bed and it's the perfect space.

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